Cats out of the bag! But I wanted to take a moment and express my gratitude to the special people who helped make the #Inc5000 possible.
First I want to thank the team for their dedication to not just the organization, but the students we serve. Their commitment to creating experiences from start to finish for clients to rewire within an inspired community is truly amazing. They are resourceful to make something that is a vision to make it a reality, because “I can’t” isn’t in their vocabulary. They say “How can I?” and join forces to do whatever it takes to achieve it.
Next I have to thank my children for being my inspiration to create a world where people can be who they are. I create the tools for them, so hopefully they have the tools to handle any challenge and master their life. They insipre me to do more and be more. Much love to my kiddos.
And of course I want to thank my beautiful parents. Their belief in me and what is possible has been a driving factor in my success. Even during the hardest of times they were there rooting for me. And the contributions this company is making to impact the world is their legacy because we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for them.
And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t thank the challengers. Yes it sounds crazy, but they helped us innovate and dig within us to be better than we thought was possible. I am grateful to everyone involved in making #672 possible this year!
It’s only the beginning – let’s do the work – and let’s go make impact!