Mind Body Money Webinar

How to Gain Momentum and Keep Your Profits Flowing

(without giving up your family, sanity or summer!)

Are you tired of working all the time and not seeing results? Are you feeling guilty about taking a vacation or even a day off because you’re worried your business will fall apart without you? I have the solution for you.


Join the leading expert in brain performance, Dr. Alok Trivedi aka Dr. Rewire, for his webinar –  “Mind Body Money: How to Gain Momentum and Keep Your Profits Flowing Without Giving Up Family, Sanity, or Summer.”


This is a free webinar, usually for inner circle clients only, but made available to everyone as a gift from Dr. T to help aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses


In this session, you will uncover:

Stop fearing if the business can function without you or worrying about gas prices and learn how to keep the momentum going in your mind body and money.

Join Dr. Rewire live so you can grow your business and enjoy your summer vacations.


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