How to Deal with Negative People

Have you ever noticed the more positive you try to become, the more negative people come to surround you? And if we’re being real, simply eliminating negative people entirely is never going to happen. It’s just not possible. We must realize: The more positive and polar we become on one side, the more we’ll open […]

What if You Could Be Yourself?

Everybody wants to be loved and appreciated for who they are, but a common mistake a lot of us tend to make is..trying to be somebody we’re not. How many of us are trying to obtain love from the outside-in? When really we should be seeking love from the inside-out. A quick thought is to […]

Is the Struggle Real?

You’ve heard the term: “The struggle is real.” Sure it can be, but what if it’s just that? A saying, a funny quote on a coffee cup you gift to a friend. A saying that in reality, doesn’t have to be true – if we choose not to manifest it. Regardless of age, we can […]

The Morning After

How do you feel after a day’s work? What’s it like the morning after you spend a day, or a week, however long it may be, doing what you love? Living your purpose should energize you, it should make you hungry for more – not exhaust you. In this snippet, Dr. Trivedi takes a moment […]