Wired For Wealth

Unlocking Your Brain For Financial Success!

Wired for Wealth will help you discover how using neuroscience and specific, yet simple strategies to understand and improve your financial habits.


The book explores the ways in which our brains can be “wired” to either hinder or help us in achieving wealth, and offers practical tools and processes to help readers overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors.


By applying principles from neuroscience and psychology, the book aims to provide a comprehensive guide to unlocking the secrets of the brain and using them to increase wealth.

Chasing Success

A Story of Inspiring Audacity,
Finding Fulfillment and Living Your Dreams

The American Dream…the big job, nice things, the large paycheck. They are all things that Kumar strived for, telling himself that by achieving each of these he is doing the best for his family. When he finally lands the big promotion at a large and successful firm, he truly believes he has made it. Foreseeing happy, stress-free times with his family in the future. Kumar is taken by surprise when he realizes that he could lose everything – his health, his family, his happiness. But the strong desire to succeed still reels him in. In Kumar’s quest for happiness, he faces two great mentors who challenge him in very different ways to help him realize his inner self. Through this he faces heartache, awakenings, and realizations that challenge him to the core of his being. This is a story that prompts the question, Who am I? It’s a story that reflects the battles many people find themselves up against in today’s world – the struggle to meet the ever increasing demands of business, family, success, life balance, and personal fulfillment.