The Ultimate Life Challenge

Learn How To Serve More And Make More Impact

This is your Ultimate Dashboard with your links, replays and homework all below. Your replays and assignments are below, but if you are VIP and want the full extended version of the replay login to your VIP are here.

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We have combined the replays for all 5 Days of the Challenge into one video below or you may watch each day separately below.

✨ Day 1 Homework

Once you are done, go to the Wired for Wealth Facebook Group
and post your welcome video with your assignment!

Watch the Day 1 Replay

✨ Day 2 Homework

Step 1, what is your inspiration, impact and income that you want to have 1 year from now. 

Then Step 2, where are you now.

Then Step 3, what are the roadblocks, beliefs and fears holding you back from achieving your year goal.

Watch the replay below for instructions on how to best complete your homework assignment.

Watch the Day 2 Replay

✨ Day 3 Homework

Day 3 homework is an extension from the work you did on Day 2. So make sure to complete the “Why Not” assignment first. Then, take the middle column stories you wrote down that are holding you back from achieving your Ultimate Life.

Go one story at a time and write 25 drawbacks to holding onto that story. Then, go to the next page and do 25 drawbacks to the next story.

Watch the Day 3 Replay

✨ Day 4 Homework

Today’s homework is to complete your Drawback assignments from yesterday. And if you have more roadblocks to rewire, do those too!

Watch the Day 4 Replay

✨ Day 5 Homework

Day 5 homework is to set your alarm for each day, and at that time take a moment to see which emotions you are having, then check that box. At the end of the day total it to see how often you are in the zone of inspiration or zone of desperation. Do this daily until the next day of the challenge and post your takeaways in the Facebook group.

Watch the Day 5 Replay

✨ Bonus Day Replay


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