March 22nd to 24th, 2024

10:30am EST / 9:30am CST / 8:30am MST / 7:30am PST / 2:30pm GMT

While the replay is playing, our team will be LIVE and available in the chat box (on the replay software) and inside the Help Desk Zoom Room to provide support, answer questions, and offer guidance. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance or want to connect with fellow participants. Let’s make the most out of this experience together to live your ultimate life!


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  2. Each day has its own link. Check the appropriate one for each day. 
  3. Reminder emails are sent an hour before the event.  Use that link for easier reference.


Contact us at (312) 508-5188 or for assistance.


Dr. Alok Trivedi

Dr. Alok Trivedi is renowned for building the largest healthcare clinic and now having his rewire work in 72 countries and impacting over 500,000 lives. He brings science-backed strategies to rewire your thinking for health and wealth.

He is the author of best selling books “Wired for Wealth” and “Chasing Success” He is sought out by CEOs, celebrities, professional athletes and entrepreneurs to rewire their thinking.

The Trivedi Process is a scientifically proven method for rewiring the fear, beliefs and habits that hold you back so you can achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Dr. Trivedi created the process while running one of the biggest healthcare clinics in the country.


Using his health background coupled with 27 years of study and practice of the mind/body connection, the science of success and fulfillment, and research of human behavior, he developed his own approach which now includes 92 techniques and tools to rewire the brain.


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