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Wired for Wealth - Dr. Alok Trivedi
  • Wired for Wealth will help you discover how to use neuroscience and specific, yet simple strategies to understand and improve your financial habits.
  • The audiobook explores the ways in which our brains can be “wired” to either hinder or help us in achieving wealth, and offers practical tools and processes to help listeners overcome limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  • Aims to provide a comprehensive guide to unlocking the secrets of the brain and using them to increase wealth

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What They're Saying...

Trivedi is one unique master at his craft. His ability to help people break through their limiting beliefs is remarkable. If you want to let go of your “money noise” and start attracting abundance, I highly recommend reading Wired for Wealth.

- Jen Gottlieb
Co-Founder of Super Connector Media

I’ve known Dr. Trivedi for years. His ability to rewire the
mind and help people make money is profound. His understanding of the mind and how it applies it to money is a breath of fresh air. This book is a must if you are interested in growing your wealth and influence.

- Steve Harward
CEO of Primecorp