What's Included

Dr. Alok Trivedi aka Dr. Rewire CEO/Founder and Ashianna Trivedi CEO/Founder of RYL Kids.

Topics Covered

  • Peer Pressure

    Your child will understand how to handle themselves whilst in the presence of others who want them to engage in activities that they would not like to be a part of.

  • Depression

    Your child will understand how depression comes about neurologically and how to live an inspired life.

  • Divorced Parents

    Your child will learn how to see the balance in having divorced parents and how to deal with the challenges that it brings.

  • Understanding who they are

    Your child will understand who they are through learning what their values are and how to live in their highest values every single day.

  • Bullying

    Your child will understand the dynamics of bullying and how to stop it for occurring using scientific principles.

  • And many more...

    This program also covers topics in health (such as sugar), self mastery (such as pride and shame), familial and social dynamics (such as being a leader in school/sports), and much more!

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