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Hi, I'm Doctor
Alok Trivedi

Dr. Alok Trivedi, aka Dr. Rewire, has dedicated his life’s work to the mind-body and helping over 500,000 clients rewire their brains to overcome fear, beliefs and habits to live inspired, fulfilling lives with the help of neuroscience.


The Trivedi Process is a scientifically proven method for rewiring the fear, beliefs and habits that hold you back so you can achieve the life you’ve always dreamed of.
Dr. Trivedi created the process while running one of the biggest healthcare clinics in the country.

Using his therapeutic doctor background coupled with 27 years of study and practice of the mind/body connection, the science of success and fulfillment, and research of human behavior, he developed his own approach which now includes 92 techniques and tools to rewire the brain.
In 2021 Dr. Trivedi was named as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies.


"I saved over 300k in less than an hour"

Dr. Alphonse Simeone - Chiropractor

"Evolving through the emotions paved the way to my million-dollar deal"

Joe Marques - Real Estate Investor

"Jumped over $750,000 in 11 months"

Joe Ward - Senior National Sales Director

"64% growth in my business lead to ownership"

Jackie Choury - Financial Services

"My practice is up 153% in 6 months"

Dr. Shauna McLain - Chiropractor

The people who have participated in Live Wealthy Events have transformed their lives to:

Go from being "stuck" to thriving in their business and relationships!

So if you're a business owner, entrepreneur, or network marketer that wants to get to the next level...

Then what I want you to do is register for our live wealthy event.
Where you’ll learn the proven strategies to rewire your roadblocks to create clarity and income so you can live inspired!
And once you’ve done that…
Imagine what your life will look like…
Really picture it…
Just a few weeks from today, you wake up with clarity on how you will grow your business that’s congruent to you. Not what everyone else wants for you.
These tools based on science can help you overcome your past barriers and beliefs about yourself…and those hidden emotions that imprison you from having the wealth, health and freedom you deserve.

Meet The DOCTor - DR. T

Dr. Trivedi has studied the human body, peak performance and the science of fulfillment for the last 27 years and has built one of the largest peak performance clinics in the world. 


His tools are based on science – helping entrepreneurs increase their business and showing leaders how to become irreplaceable.
He is sought out by entrepreneurs and c-suite executives to rewire their brains to cut the bs, get to the cause to transform their money, business, and life.
Clients include the FDIC, Berkshire Hathaway, WNBA stars, Professional Golfers, Pro Football Players, Olympic Tennis Players, Corporate Executives and many more.


I mean sure, if living a one-sided life of “success” and the popping bottles lifestyle is where you want to play…then click the “x” to close the tab now, and go make money and when you’re ready to live fulfilled I’ll invite you back.


If you have the desire to serve more people, have vitality in your health and have loving fulfilling relationships in your life then say “yes”…


Say “yes” to yourself, to your business, to the opportunity to rewire your mind to live wealthy.

To the fulfilled life you’re about to create,

Dr. Alok Trivedi

Before you make your decision, I wanna say this…


Everything you know about personal development is wrong…


That’s right. I said it.


And that means you need to stop thinking positive, stop creating vision boards and stop focusing on your why. 


Each one of those is only HALF the equation. 


Would you drive half a car? No, that’s crazy! So don’t drive half the car for your success and fulfillment.


And during this Event I want to share strategies to fill in those equations. 


Look over 27 years I’ve created the science to living fulfilled so you can rewire your business.

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