Have you ever noticed the more positive you try to become, the more negative people come to surround you? And if we’re being real, simply eliminating negative people entirely is never going to happen. It’s just not possible. We must realize: The more positive and polar we become on one side, the more we’ll open up the window for the negative lurch around the other. It’s a natural contrast. So how do you handle people who aren’t in tune with your positive thinking and aspirations?

Consider that our perception could be misconstrued, we don’t actually know what’s going on in that person. They could just be having a bad day, and just feeling what is authentically going on inside them, and they don’t realize they’re raining on your parade. We all have bad days, and naturally, we’re going to talk about our feelings and what’s going on. But we must keep in mind that in doing so, we’re feeding that energy. If we’re constantly talking about what’s bothering us & what’s creating stress – we’re in essence, feeding that stress.

So let’s flip the coin and ask, how does this negative person serve me? How do we turn that into a positive for ourselves? If somebody needs to vent and get it off their chest, let’s listen and help them navigate through it. Sure we’re not their therapist, but if we can listen and look for the positive outcome of that person’s situation, there can be a tremendous self-benefit.

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“Conversation is a dialogue, not a monologue.”