How do you feel after a day’s work? What’s it like the morning after you spend a day, or a week, however long it may be, doing what you love? Living your purpose should energize you, it should make you hungry for more – not exhaust you.

In this snippet, Dr. Trivedi takes a moment to talk about performing seminars, and how one is never exactly like the other. Each has it’s own unique approach, the room’s chemistry can’t be duplicated or repeated, we never know what’s going to show up.

You’ll know when you’re doing what it is you’re supposed to be when you feel gratitude, whether it be in the moment, the morning after, good or bad, gratitude always beats personal development because personal development can’t happen without it.

So wake up, appreciate what you have, where you’ve been, what you’re capable of doing, and be grateful – for personal growth depends on it. When you’re inspired and what you’re doing is truthful and real, people will come to gain your service.

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“If you’re spending hours and hours sleeping, chances are you’re not inspired or tapped into your highest values.”