The Art of Making a Decision

Let’s face it, we all have vices. Most people have something they know we shouldn’t because it’s unhealthy, but we do it anyway because we value that temporary moment of relief. Wether it be a cigarette, some fast food, one too many drinks, it’s all the same. Today we wan’t to clear up the difference […]

What is Inauthenticity Costing You?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, what would it cost if I wasn’t being myself? We all have the idea that we want to be our best selves, our greater selves, sure. The only reason we’re not being authentic is because we’re afraid of being rejected, that we’re not enough. But take a moment, […]

The Feeling Behind Your Goals

Do you write down your goals? What are they? Have you ever laid them out and moved towards them? See, when you’re moving towards something that you haven’t achieved, you don’t feel that you have what it is you’re working towards. Nothing happens over night, nothing happens all at once. In essence, stay positive and […]

Leaders and Legends – Carlos Gonzales

Dr. Trivedi sits down with Carlos Gonzales, a successful entrepreneur and advocate of the Aligned Mastery program. Carlos shares his story of coming up in life, overcoming struggles, letting go of baggage, and how to stay motivated. Complacency isn’t an option for Carlos, join and listen why and how he can help point you in […]

Am I Depressed?

Today Dr. Trivedi takes a moment to address the common misconception behind depression, and why we need to stop labeling people as being depressed. Just try and tell yourself you’re going to wake up depressed tomorrow, do you think you’ll want to? Consider that maybe you’re not depressed, maybe you’re just uninspired. What if you […]

Relationship Mastery

In this recording with Dr. Alok Trivedi, he discusses some of the common misconceptions in relationships, and what some of the core values are to a successful relationship. When you hold onto someone because of fear, you are going to create a relationship dynamic that will cause resentment, arguing, and fighting. But here’s the thing… If […]

Why the Rear View Mirror is Important

Have you stopped to take a moment, and just say thank you for where you are? It’s important to take a step back, look behind us, and appreciate where we are in the present. So many will say “don’t look back, keep looking forward.” But in actuality, it’s what’s happened before, that helped make you […]

So This is 40

Dr. Trivedi takes a walk and reflects on what it means to turn 40. Naturally, we face challenges with getting older and feeling that we’re not where we should be based on our age. We put all these different meanings on what success is, in hopes that it will bring us more love. But we […]

The Delusion of Self Sabotage

Dr. Trivedi takes a moment to address the meaning of the word “sabotage” and the misconception behind self-sabotage. Join in and ask yourself: Why don’t you want the things you want? Do you subconsciously believe there are more benefits to not having it, than actually having it? Let’s acknowledge the difference between self-destruction, and self-sabotage, […]

Mastering Debt

Today we talk about how to manage debt, the psychological connection to money, and how you can overcome the guilt associated with forming debt. Dr. Trivedi explains the mental process associated with buying things and self-medicating with “stuff”, that really just creates debt.  Join in and learn to value money, and maintain a healthy relationship […]