Let’s face it, we all have vices. Most people have something they know we shouldn’t because it’s unhealthy, but we do it anyway because we value that temporary moment of relief. Wether it be a cigarette, some fast food, one too many drinks, it’s all the same.

Today we wan’t to clear up the difference between choices and decisions. They may sound similar, but there is a very specific separation in the two. Choices..are simply a list of options that you can choose from and continue looking at other options, where as a decision is the act of giving death to those other options, and moving forward with that decision.

While people have trouble making decisions because they’re afraid of any consequences that may come with it, there are always “other options.” Some might say: the grass is always greener on the other side. But the reality is we have to let go of the short-term rewards,   focus on making decisions that benefit us in the long-run, and stick to them.

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“When you make a decision and you’re still weighing the options of the other, it’s because you still see more pleasures in the other option. You have to remove the pleasures from the other option, and focus on the benefits making this decision at hand.”