Dr. Trivedi takes a walk and reflects on what it means to turn 40. Naturally, we face challenges with getting older and feeling that we’re not where we should be based on our age. We put all these different meanings on what success is, in hopes that it will bring us more love. But we can’t fulfill ourselves from the inside out with things like money, cars, new toys, etc.

Take a moment and consider, what if you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, regardless of your age? What if we stop fantasizing what 30 is supposed to look like..what 40 is supposed to look like..what 50 is supposed to look like?

What if you are where you are, and you love yourself now? Imagine the gratitude that would come with it.

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“Regardless of age, wherever you are, your wisdom within you is guiding you to exactly what you are craving. The love you are searching for is within you, not outside of you.”